Gorilla Trekking

Many travel writers, bloggers have written inspiring true gorilla safari experiences got once one heads out for a life time trip to land of mountain gorillas in Uganda. However have no better words to describe how wonderful gorilla safaris in Uganda can be but it’s the most perfect primate trek in Africa for adventure travelers. Driver guides are friendly, hotels and lodges are great, some roads are dusty but fun, meeting gorillas is a must, and the Batwa cultural experience  add cultural values to primate life. It’s only in Uganda where you can see mountain gorillas not only in the jungle but if lucky even at your lodge of residence. There is a lot to keep you occupied and busy and expectations never end while on your Bwindi Forest National Park gorilla tracking holiday. Forest walks, Bwindi community project visits, waterfall hikes and a visit to next thought of island of Lake Bunyonyi are some of the other park tour activities you can engage in after your day’s trek.

Gorilla Trek Planning

Successful Uganda gorilla tours need prior planning and checking out other trip improvisations that make your trip magical. Not all Uganda gorilla safaris are private, there are available group gorilla tours and backpack travel options that make your trip cheap and outstanding that is if you give it a priority. Self drive is another amazing gorilla safari experience where you head out to the park driving yourself alone with only the map as the main key for your journey. Cowards never try this option because it only works for adventurers. However, all Uganda gorilla safaris are successful and no day has ever been registered empty or where tourists missed to see mountain gorillas. The park has over ten gorilla habituated families all available for trackers every day but only a group of eight people are allowed to track a particular gorilla habituated family for issues of conservation. If you want to spend more than one hour with the gorillas, track gorillas twice or book a gorilla photography permit or commercial filming and meet gorillas on special arrangement. What an amazing experience with gorillas in the wild and the company of park rangers after briefing makes it much more special since they take you all through to where the beautiful primates are.

Cost of Uganda Gorilla Safaris

In general gorilla trekking in Uganda is cheap compared to other gorilla tracking countries evidenced by affordable gorilla permits that cost $600 and even cost lower in April, May and November when Uganda promotes gorilla tourism across the globe. As usual every tour agent offers different gorilla safari prices but the cheap budget Uganda gorilla tour costs $800 for the duration of three days while the most expensive luxury gorilla tour costs $1300 for the three days. However, the price goes higher if you to go for more days and also visit other Uganda attractions. Note every day in a foreign land call for accommodation, meals, transport and a fun tour adventure. Most Uganda lodges and accommodations have fantastic foods, friendly staff, cozy calm environment, affordable rates make travelers appreciate every service and even wish to come back beyond doubt. I think you will also say same once you visit Uganda and experience the best on your dream gorilla tour to Bwindi Impenetrable National park or Mgahinga Gorilla national park.