New Results Raise Hopes for Effective Ebola Treatment

A report published on May 28 in the scientific journal The Lancet reports on the development of a potential new drug to treat the extremely lethal Ebola hemorrhagic fever, which endangers the lives of people and animals and is one of the main threats to gorillas, especially the Western Lowland subspecies. A team at Boston University has used an experimental drug to protect monkeys from the most lethal strain of Ebola.

“We were stunned,” the team leader said. “I’ve been working with this virus for my whole career — 23 or 24 years — and we’ve had some mild successes where maybe we could go up to 50 percent protection, but I was really shocked that we got complete protection.”

Though not fully applicable to real-life scenarios, these results may hold the key to further developments, aimed at protecting people and gorillas. To read the whole article, click here.

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